About The GOPX Rewards Program

The GOPX Token Rewards Program has improved the discount and loyalty programs known today. We have combined a discount, loyalty and network blockchain currency solution.
Discounts have a major benefit: They have the ability to attract new customers. Every time a consumer is offered a discount it improves the odds of them converting to a repeat loyal customer. New customers mean new opportunities for cross-sells, word of mouth referrals and upsells. This will enable consumption point companies to experience more revenue, improved brand identity and customer loyalty . Providing discounts is a win-win it helps both the shopper and your business.

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Benefits of GOPX Rewards Program

Loyalty matters, especially in your business. GOPX Token Rewards Program has all the benefits of the currency Discount and Loyalty programs but offers much more when discounts and rewards are given in the form of GOPX Tokens. A well-designed loyalty programme increases customer loyalty and helps your business to grow sustainably. Customer loyalty is proven to improve sales effectiveness and drive growth. Participating companies in the GOPX Token Rewards Program become a part of and an Ecosystem of participating companies and get cross-marketing and new customers.

How Does This Work?

Powered by our own Token Rewards Engine, the platform that handles all the work for you, we’ve made it easy and affordable to reward your customers in tokens. Once enrolled, you’ll get your Token Rewards Page where you will set up your discounts per sale and the system will do the rest. You’ll send the dollar amount of the sale to the Token Rewards Customer Account and the Rewards Engine will convert it into GOPX Tokens and send it to your customers. For every $1 in GOPX Token Rewards for your customer, you’ll create an increased value for their token, and yours.

How Effective Are Discounts?

Discounts are a great way to increase customer loyalty, as long as they're applied consistently and fairly across all customers. They can also be useful for raising awareness about your store or brand, especially if you're trying to grow your business.
Discounts improve customer retention by encouraging repeat visits from existing customers, who are likely to spend more on subsequent purchases. The discount gives you the greatest opportunity to cross-sell and upsell.

Is There a Cost To enroll?

There is no cost to your business to enroll in the GOPX Token Rewards Program and see an increase in sales and shoppers. As an added benefit, using our loyalty program will result in higher customer purchases and fewer lost customers. Get started now!

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